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Tv Repair Michigan Review
Posted by Bonnie blspring57@gmail.com on 06/19/2017
Sent him a picture. He diagnosed the cracked screen over the phone. Saved me time and a repair charge. Good guy. Thanks Ivan!

Tv Repair Michigan Review
Posted by Dave DeClark on 06/08/2017
Ivan just left after diagnosing the lost sound problem on my 40" Sony. First, he checked the DVD and found that there was sound coming through the TV, then he explored further and found that the problem was not the TV , but the Uverse cable box. He reset it and advised me if it happens again to call Uverse for a replacement box. This was the best $40. I have ever spent. Thank you Ivan.

On Time/Great Service
Posted by John Edwards on 02/18/2011
We have used Ivan's service 2 times now. Always on time, courteous and gets the job done. We would recommend him to family and friends.

my repair experience with Ivan
Posted by Dave L on 01/13/2011
I have a mitsu 65" projection TV that started to go bad, and eventually stopped turning on. I called MANY repair shop, and Craigslist ads to just get an idea of what it will take. NOONE would give me an idea. See, I had a dollar value in my head, that was the cut off. If it was over my cutoff to repair, I was going to scrap it. Everyone told me "could be $250...could be $1000, I wont know til you pay my $150 service call to find out" I DID speak to one guy that told me about holding a few buttons on the front panel to give me a "blink code" to give an idea of the fault. Bullshit. I hate that crap. I am a former high end tradesman. I have worked in VERY high end environments. If someone asks me "ABOUT how much will this cost me?" I TELL THEM...because I have worked in the field long enough to KNOW. After the run around for about 6 months, with my TV down, I finally founf and spoke with Ivan. He told me his service fee is $40 to come out, and diagnose the problem, and THAT $40 goes towards repair should I decide to do the said repair. Now...THATS fair. Ivan was ready to come out Christmas eve! I told him that was a bad day, he even offered Christmas day!! which was bad for me. He came out on Sunday, the day after Christmas, after we had some nasty weather, and was AT MY HOUSE at 8am as we agreed. He was VERY cordial, and I was EXTREMELY impressed with his knowledge. after I greeted him, Without hesitation, he began tearing my TV apart. I was SCARED S$#@less. within 5 minutes of having it disassembled, He told me he found the problem, and could fix it for $250. $250 was my cutoff number. I never told him that. I agreed, and asked him "how long will it take to get the part?" Ivan explained that he HAD the correct part with him, and he could have it fixxed in about 2 hours. He came in at 1 1/2 total repair time. After he did the repair, he went ahead without me asking, and started to reset every single convergence square. I was SURE I would have to do that. He spent an EXTRA HOUR reseting convergence. WOW! The picture was better than it had ever been. Ivan reassured me, that I had a GREAT TV, and it was a good choice to repair it. I agree, and Ivans assurance made me feel great, knowing I DID have a good TV, although he DID tell me they are harder to work on, but are better TVs. I asked him for a few cards, One to tape on my TV back, and others to hand out to friends. I DO NOT give referrals out unless im impressed. I specifically WAITED to do this review, to make sure the TV didnt die a week or two after service, and it STILL works perfect. I really hope I never have to use Ivan again, because I want my TVs to not break, obviously. But if I EVER need TV repair, or ANYONE I KNOW needs TV repair, I will not use ANYONE except Ivan. Anyone who is considering using Ivan, can email me for a referral if your questioning it. He is the real deal. Fair prices, and WOW, he gets it done.

A+++ Service
Posted by Joyce on 12/20/2010
I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ivan. He was at my door within the hour, as promised. Being a TV addict, I was terrified I might be without my 52" Sony for days. Ivan very quickly and efficiently had it working properly again within just a few minutes. The price was very reasonable, as I thought I would probably be replacing the TV. As stated by another, if only all service calls were this easy. EXCELLENT SERVICE - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Great Service, Very Fair and Upfront...
Posted by Perry S on 11/04/2010
Ivan came out and got to work right away. Our TV was having power issues where it would turn off right after turning it on. Ivan took the TV apart, but didn't find anything out of the ordinary. We tested the TV while it was taken apart and it seemed to be working great on the floor. We soon realized that the stands the TV sat on was pinching some sort of wire and causing the issue. In the end, Ivan was great about his price and just charged us for his trip out there and gave us some tips/advice on what to do. TV is working great off of the stands and we're happy to know its something fairly easy to fix ourselves! Thanks for the help, I recommend his servce.

Excellent Service
Posted by Ed Huddleston edhuddleston@comcast.net on 09/18/2010
I called Ivan Friday morning to schedule an appointment to fix my 42" LCD TV. He told me he was booked up but that he could stop by between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm. He showed up at 7:45 pm. He took the TV apart and quickly identified the problem. He made the repair and had my TV working perfectly an hour after he arrived. Ivan is honest and knowledgeable with more than 25 years of experience. He takes pride in his work and his fees are very reasonable. Who makes house calls on Friday nights? Ivan does. Do not hesitate to call him. Thanks Ivan!

Twice the Best!
Posted by Carol andicaity@gmail.com on 08/23/2010
I've used Ivan's services on 2 TV's in the last few months. Both times he was on time, courteous, and knowledgable. He was honest about the condition of the TV's and whether each were worth saving. He saved us hundreds of dollars by telling us one was beyond repair, unlike others who charge you for a quick fix knowing it would die again soon anyway. Not Ivan. He's honest. He fixed our big TV today, and I couldn't be happier. Definitely recommend him!

TV Repair
Posted by Laura Laws LJBLaws@aol.com on 07/01/2010
Ivan was great. He came on time, had my TV running in about 10 minutes. My TV is older and I thought it was a goner! The price was also very reasonable. I would recommend him to everyone.

TV Repair
Posted by Joe and Mary on 06/04/2010
Ivan came out shortly after I spoke with him on the phone today. Fixed our TV in less then an hour. Our TV is working great now thanks to Ivan. We highly recommend him. Joe and Mary, Dearborn Heights.

My Repair
Posted by John Laemme on 04/24/2010
I called Ivan for my big screen repair he showed up and within 1 hour I was watching TV again.The man knows what he is doing,very nice to deal with, and the price didn't scare me off. THANK YOU IVAN

The Best Service & Skills
Posted by Kathleen Bartlett  kat_bart@yahoo.com on 03/30/2010
If only all my service calls could be handled by Ivan. Came out immediately, very tidy, explains options thoroughly, the cost was within the estimates he gave me, and answeredall my questions. Polite too! You just can't find service like this anymore. Ivan for all
your TV needs!!!!!

Excellent Service
Posted by George Bednar  fxandhds94@aol.com on 03/29/2010
Ivan came out just as scheduled , fixed my Sony TV in about 1 hour , and the service was great . I will recommend him to anyone that needs service on their TV , and his price was excellent . Very happy that my TV is working again . Thank you very much .

Prompt and efficient
Posted by Melissa F nursesis2003@yahoo.com on 03/28/2010
I called to inquire about the price and services to get the lamp bulb replaced. Within one hour of me calling, Ivan was here and the bulb was replaced and we were watching TVagain. Very nice and we were amazed he came so quick and fixed our TV!!! Thank you!!!! Wewill use his services in the future without a doubt!

Look No Further For TV Repair

Posted by Sod-tw on 03/22/2010
I decided to hire Ivan's TV Service to repair my Vizio 50" Plasma TV (model# VP50HDTV20A) based on the feedback left here on YellowPages.com. While watching the TV, thepower just cut out and would not come back on. The TV was out of warranty and I had noideas from Vizio other than high-priced repair referrals. After making a few calls toother repair places and even considering just replacing the TV, I found some positivefeedback on Ivan's TV Service here at YellowPages.com and decided to call. Ivan told meabout his very reasonable service call charge to evaluate the TV and that he wouldprovide an estimate right away. He came out the next day and fixed the unit within anhour. I was relieved to have the TV working again so quickly and I was saved from the
high costs of other repair places. Ivan is a technician--not a salesman. He wascompletely candid about his work and did not take advantage of the situation--in otherwords, the experience is exactly the opposite of getting your car fixed. ;) I liked theway he took the job seriously and got right to work. I was extremely satisfied with theservice and Ivan's honesty. Ivan was obviously competent and I had my TV back working inno time. Overall a great experience. Thank you.

Posted by tianhill@rocketmail on 03/01/2010
Ivan Tv repair is the best, he is reliable and honest. It is quite refreshing to know there are still people like this in the world... I Would Recommand Him to Anyone whoneeds thier TV repair...

Posted by unsatisfied on 02/24/2010
I contacted Ivan yesterday to fix my 47 inch lg and he said he will be here today at 2 pm. Ivan was on time and diagnosed my sets problem and there she sits on the wall an hourlater. excellent service and excellent price for the job! ivan has another set of mine
that im gonna have him fix! thanks ivan jim c.

Great Job!!
Posted by aerojoe80 on 10/19/2009
We relocated from Chicago to Livonia recently, and finally decided to repair the 42"plasma that stopped working last year. I contacted Ivan in the morning, and he came outthat same evening. Inside of 45 minutes, he had the TV torn down, pulled apart, repaired,reassembled, placed back on the stand and completely cleaned up. Very reasonable price,
and you can't beat in-home service. Highly recommended!!

Posted by Lucky on 08/17/2009
I called Ivan's and he was out that day. He was very courteous, friendly, and had my TV up and running in no time.Cleaned up behind himself, and the price he charged was good.Iwould recommend Ivan to everyone.

Very Happy
Posted by Bill from Holly, MI on 05/10/2009
I was very happy with the diagnosis of the problem with my T.V. He had the parts right there with him was efficient with his work ethic, and reasonably priced. Would recommendto ALL.

Superior Service
Posted by Mimo on 01/08/2009
Superior service, honest and professional! Ivan came on time and finished quickly...also told me up front how much it was going to cost! very good! i would recommend Ivan to anyone!

Posted by Ranger302 on 12/15/2008
Our Philips TV had been acting up with the screen folding over on itself for a month and we finally had time to call around and get estimates. I read the previous review and was glad we chose Ivan. Within an hour of our call he was out to our house and had the tv
fixed within the 1/2 hour after he got there. He also included a warranty incase something happened. Per my wife it's great!! I would highly recomend him to do your tv repair work.

Exceptional Service
Posted by clayborn on 11/14/2008
Fast response, quick diagnostics and quality repair at a reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Highly Recommend
Posted by kurtchad on 09/25/2008
Based on the reviews already here, I decided to call. Ivan answered right away and scheduled an appointment the same day. He arrived early, was very courteous and immediately started repairs. He completed in 45 minutes and seemed very professional. Reasonably priced. I will definitely recommend to friends.

Went with this guy AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++
Posted by eldre97 on 08/12/2008
Called and met with him the next day. He was very upfront and knew the problem as soon as i turned my tv, gave me a price and length of time. Very reasonable and also takes credit cards! Spoke with other tv service and they wanted me to bring a 65 inch tv into there shop, no thanks, Ivan is the real deal.

The best. Couldn't have been any better!!!!!!
Posted by dana626 on 08/04/2008
I called one afternoon, and my call was returned in about 2 minutes. He said he could come the next day about 6 p.m. He arrived at 5:30, and was done by 6. His prices were resonable, and the service was great. He fixed it quickly, and correctly. He was plesant, too. I would definatly call him again if I ever had another problem.

Excellent technician!
Posted by doktora on 07/10/2008
Excellent technician!